Comprehensive Bicycle Plan


Bike Mount Holly is a Comprehensive Bicycle Plan that is a community-driven effort that will assess current bicycle conditions, identify ongoing needs, and recommend ways to make it safer and easier to bike in Mount Holly. This planning process includes three key phases: Visioning and Needs, Analysis and Recommendations, and Documentation and Adoption. The Plan will use existing data and public input to help build the foundation for coordinated recommendations. The Mount Holly Comprehensive Bicycle Plan will provide the community a blueprint for creating a bikable community for everyone in Mount Holly.

In conjunction with the Bike Mount Holly Steering Committee, a vision statement was developed to guide the plan development process:

Mount Holly’s bicycle network will provide safe, convenient, and comfortable travel options for riders of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds whether traveling for transportation or recreation. Through Bike Mount Holly, the City commits to improving bicycling with a focus on:

Connecting community and nature Connecting people to local places
Connecting people to each other Connecting Mount Holly to the region
Connecting people to opportunity    


The third meeting for the Bike Mount Holly Steering Committee will occur in February and will focus on development of recommendations.


Project Process

The Project Steering Committee will meet in February to refine a preliminary list of projects, programs, and policy recommendations.

project process



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